Where to Go In January

If you are wondering where to go in January, why not look at Paris? Yeah, maybe typically you think of Paris as a great springtime destination, but it can be quite beautiful in the winter and should definitely be considered. Why?

Paris in January is wonderful because the city is coming to life, the holidays have died down and the new year has announced itself. Gradually longer days and crisp beautiful air make for a lovely ambiance with cooler temperatures and clearer skies – something many tourists miss.

Parisians empty into the streets leaving their well-heated homes to join up with friends and enjoy the great shopping. Because it is low season, it should be very easy to get a good deal on flights, especially if you plan ahead and book a couple of months in advance. Tourism is low tide as well so enjoying the many sites, like Musee d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou will mean you get to take your time with very little crowds.

Paris cafes in the January are a delight, a warmth and charm that can’t be find anywhere else. Take a great book or magazine and just spend a relaxing afternoon cafe-hopping in the city’s historical Latin Quarter or in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

What to pack: it can be quite chilly, especially with clearer skies than you see in November or December, the wind chill can make the cold seem biting, but if you bring warm sweaters, coats, scarves, warm socks and a hat to protect your ears, you won’t mind the weather at all and will enjoy the beauty of the city and seeing the Eiffel Tower in a way most people miss.

It isn’t quite as rainy in January, but sudden downpours can happen so pack an umbrella as well. Bring some waterproof shoes, shoes with a good tread because the streets can be slick and icy – high heels and dress shoes are not recommended for walking around the city in January.

Lastly, bring a good pair of gloves, perhaps not necessary, but good to have just in case. Spending a cozy morning in a cafe reading and seeing the city in a crisp blanket of snow can be quite relaxing and refreshing.

Where to stay:

Artus HotelThe Artus Hotel is a great place to stay in January. Located amid the trendy cafés and food shops of St-Germain. It offers a generous breakfast buffet daily and room service is also available during limited hours. There are two restaurants, a poolside bar and a popular lobby bar facing the street. It offers a fitness room, massage treatments and a sauna on site.

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