Tropical Honeymoon Destinations The Most Popular Spots

tropical honeymoon destinationsThe most popular honeymoons destinations are to the tropics. Most couples envision themselves walking on a secluded beach, lounging in the sun on a beachfront bungalow with palm trees overhead. But there are many tropical honeymoon destinations to consider so I’ve scouted a few for you to make your decision a little easier to make. The absolute top of my list is:

1. Bora Bora, Tahiti

You just can’t get anymore romantic than this place for, the over-the-water bungalows are like something from a dream and you won’t soon forget this dream honeymoon vacation. A beautiful stretch of sand, Matira Beach, runs from the Hotel Bora Bora to the Club Med and even though it is the only public beach, it offers lush vegetation and really spectacular views. For activities there is scuba diving and snorkeling and of course the luxury spas! Just the thing to wind down from your exciting, maybe stressful, wedding day. As far as tropical honeymoon destinations go, you can’t beat this one.

2. Hawaii

Perhaps an obvious destination, Hawaii should not be forgotten or looked over; it is perhaps one of the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. The reason why Hawaii is still one of the most popular honeymoon destinations is because it is one of the easiest tropical islands to visit. You don’t need a passport and you don’t have to deal with any international hassles. The resorts have plenty of amenities to make your trip special and the quality of hotels is unmatched. Plus, the weather is wonderful all year round so it really doesn’t matter when you are having your wedding, Hawaii is waiting for you to pamper and celebrate you and your new marriage. Many different islands to choose from, easy island hopping and a variety activities make it the perfect place for just about everyone. You can even go on a romantic Fanning Island Cruise and see places most people don’t get to visit. Click here to check out our Grand Wailea Resort review.

3. Fiji

With 330 islands, Fiji is about 1,900 miles from Sydney, Australia. Some islands feature private resorts while others are completely deserted. If you want white sandy beaches, palm trees, complete seclusion and perhaps beautiful coral reefs, Fiji is your honeymoon spot for sure. There is excellent island hospitality and the Fijian people are extremely friendly which will make you feel right at home. There is plenty to do as well with kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, relaxing and even the chance to explore limestone caves.

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4. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is known for its volcano activity which has created several places for people to enjoy bathing in hot, volcanic water. This, not only known to have therapeutic qualities, is an excellent way for honeymooners to relax. Diving is a very popular activity here as well as snorkeling, chartering boats, deep-sea fishing, water-skiing and para-sailing. The water here is absolutely stunning and finding a nice relaxing place on the sand to relax is also a very popular activity. There are also beautiful places to hike and golf so you will definitely not get bored here!

5. Bali

If you want an unforgettable honeymoon, Bali is the place. Nothing quite compares to its beauty and the unmatched pampering you’ll receive here. Located at the center of the Indonesia archipelago on the Indian Ocean, while it may be a far distance for many of you to go, the amazing experience that awaits you is well worth the trip. This location is famous for its four star resorts, and Jimbaron Bay is a great place with casual beachfront eateries. With a slow island pace, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and soak up the sun and but of course, take in a massage or two.

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6. Maldives

A place of magic, Maldives is more beautiful than anything you see in a fairy tale. Secluded and perfect for honeymooners who want to relax in a private Jacuzzi, take a dip in your villa’s pool and indulge themselves on exquisite cuisines in any of the 7 world-class restaurants. Thoroughly enjoy yourself in the over-water spa retreat, paradise within paradise, water villas and restaurants make this place a true island paradise. It may cost a bit more than other honeymoon destinations but for couples who really want to be alone to be pampered and celebrate their new marriage, it is well worth the cost.

7. Bahamas

If you want gorgeous waters ranging from emerald to turquoise to the most beautiful crystal blue you’ve ever seen, go to the Bahamas. With over 700 islands, couples wanting variety on their honeymoon will find it here. Romance, perfect seclusion, entertainment galore from water sports to nature preserves there is a ton to do. Want to test your luck, have some fun at any one of the casinos. Cable Beach and Paradise Island or perfect for the casino scene and any social setting you want, for seclusion and romance, any of the more remote outer islands are perfect.

8. U.S. Virgin Islands

Want white sandy beaches, great shopping and to travel without needing a passport? Head to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Considered one of the best destinations in the Caribbean, it offers a huge variety of activities. From a national forest, to stunning beaches, it also has some of the best shopping, hiking, camping, diving, sailing and nightlife. St. Thomas is the most populated island and is well known for its shopping, many cruise ships port here; if you want quieter, head to St. Croix.

9. Jamaica

A huge favorite among honeymooners, Jamica is an all-inclusive resort paradise. With affordable packages and the most favorite attractions; beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, lush vegetation and gorgeous waterfalls, this destination has it all. You’ll also enjoy some amazing cuisine, art, shopping and tourist attractions, including music and dancing. There are three main beaches in Jamaica that are perfect for honeymoon vacations. Montego bay, Negril and Ocho Rios. Beware though that while the first two have beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and great shopping, Ocho Rios is usually covered with cruise ships and their passengers. Stay away if you are trying to find privacy and relaxation.

10. Seychelles

Located in the Western Indian Ocean, this is an idyllic vacation destination for honeymooners. Beautiful turquoise waters, beaches with sand that runs for miles. The main isle of Mahe is great place to go, but if you want something quieter, Praslin or La Digue may be a better choice. Although one of the most traveled, do not fret as it is definitely not commercialized. The tea plantations will take your breath away and for something a little different, head out on a glass bottom boat. You can travel around in a helicopter to see it all, or keep your head out of the clouds and just simply relax on the sand on a few grand beaches, Anse Intendance, Anse Takamaka or Grand Anse.

Anyone of these tropical honeymoon destinations would make for a beautiful way to celebrate your new marriage, to get some amazing deals on your vacation, I highly suggest booking through Travelocity. Of course you can go through a travel agent, but many are finding that they can get even better deals by booking online and Travelocity is one of the best websites to use. No matter which destination you choose, I hope this top ten list of the most popular honeymoon destinations helped narrow it down for you. Congratulations to you both!

tropical honeymoon destinations

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