Hotel Rival Stockholm

Hotel Rival StockholmIf you are wondering where to stay in Stockholm, look no further than the Rival Hotel. The Hotel Rival Stockholm is ranked as one of the best in the city, and you can easily see why when you arrive. It has extremely comfortable bedrooms (be to sure to ask for an upgrade at no cost if you want a slightly bigger room), and is located in prime location for walking to the old town and Södermalm area. If you wish to travel farther there are plenty of taxis that can take you there.

If you want ultimate relaxation though this hotel is definitely for you. The staff is friendly and very helpful, and there is a restaurant situated right downstairs. It is situated in a trendy but quiet neighborhood and if you wish to travel farther away there is also a t-bana station close by with a direct line to the main downtown area if you’d care to do some pedestrian shopping.

The restaurant attached to the hotel has excellent foods for both breakfast and dinner and there is also a tea making/computer area on the 4th floor that has complimentary cookies as well. Breakfast is fab with a buffet including cheese, meats, cereals, Gravadlax and freshly baked bread. The bakery also has delicious pastries and scrambled eggs, bacon pancakes, the works. There is also an excellent cocktail bar you can visit.

The Deluxe Double has both a bathtub and walk-in shower. And the shower is lovely! In June the weather is beautiful and you can stand out on your balcony and look out over Mariatorget where there is a beautiful fountain and a park for kids to play. On the 7th floor you get a great view over Soder rooftops, it is very beautiful. If you can stay for more than a few days that is definitely recommended.

Probably one of the key features of this hotel that everyone loves is how comfortable the beds are. You will definitely be sleeping like a baby and waking up feeling refreshed. If you are traveling with children it is possible to get a room that can have a make shift separate bedroom allowing you to have some alone time after the kiddies retire.

Some room amenities include large glorious showers, two sinks, a bath with whirlpool and lights. DVD players and TV and a night shade you can draw in case you are staying when it stays light into the wee hours.

Stockholm is a gorgeous city, with beautiful sites to see and amazing cafes and shopping to experience. For rest, relaxation, and some of the most beautiful sites and buildings to explore this city is definitely worth what you pay for.

All in all, although Sweden is a bit pricey, if you know this and plan for your trip and are already prepared for sticker shock, you should definitely plan on this hotel, it is top ranked for a reason and you will not regret your decision to stay here. If you’d like to learn even more about the Hotel Rival and see what rates you can get right now, visit…..Hotel Rival

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